Heritage Auctions offers free digital Intelligent Collector subscription and Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide

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Heritage Auctions publishes a print version of a collectibles magazine called Heritage Magazine for The Intelligent Collector.  Each issue presents several collectors and their different collecting interests, including interviews with celebrity collectors like Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Whoopi Goldberg.  Issues also highlight key items sold in past and future Heritage Auctions.  One issue previewed a superb collection of John Wayne memorabilia sold off by his estate.  The photo quality is beautiful and it’s a fun magazine to read, especially about areas of collecting that you’re not necessarily interested in.  It’s a bit like watching Antiques Roadshow on Public Television.  Subscriptions are $21 for 3 issues and the magazine is published three times per year.

This month’s print edition features a pull-out poster of Dave Gibbons’ original comic art cover pages for the original Watchmen series and a who’s who of the best comic book creators of all time.

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Heritage Auctions is a great auction house, featuring some of the best original comic book art and rare comics, as well as entertainment memorabilia, and other collecting interests such as coins, rare minerals, and sports memorabilia.  This month Heritage Auctions has made available on its website a free digital subscription to its Intelligent Collector magazine.  Go to this link and you can either order the print edition (for the annual fee) or select the radio button for “Just send me the free digital subscription, delivered to my email box upon publication.”  It’s a great way to give the electronic version of the magazine a try–for free.


If you’re interested in bidding on any kind of collectible imaginable, you might also register with Heritage Auctions and try their MyWantList service, which sends email alerts to subscribers at no cost of items they may be hunting for.  If you have a favorite movie or TV show prop you’ve always wanted or just want to know what it sells for at auction, you can add these to your MyWantList page after you register at the Heritage Auctions website.  There is no obligation to buy anything, and you can cancel your account at any time.  Current registered users received an email this week that will allow users to download a free digital copy of the 2012-13 42nd edition of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide–a $30 value–for adding ten new items to your MyWantList account at ha.com in the MyHeritage drop down menu, by April 15, 2013.  The email provides that users need only add the ten new items, then send an email to Heritage Auctions via their email bid@ha.com with the subject “RE: e-Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide: Get yours Free just for using MyWantList!”  The company’s email states that it will send an access code and download instructions within three business days.

We don’t know if quantities are limited or if Heritage Auctions may discontinue this offer at any time, so if you’re interested we’d suggest you act quickly.  This may be a great way to check out a digital version of the best comic book price guide available–for free.  And don’t forget to check out the magazine, too.

C.J. Bunce

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