Time for a Planet Comicon roadtrip? Do or do not, there is no “try”


Never been to a comic book or pop culture convention before?  Always wanted to go to San Diego Comic-Con but you don’t have the vacation time to take or the funds?  Planet Comicon is this weekend in Kansas City and although it isn’t as big as SDCC (and nothing really compares to the size of SDCC) it is a great way to get a complete two-day convention experience centrally located in America’s heartland and ideal for a last-minute road trip for the family or you and a few friends.  It’s less than 8 hours by car from Dallas, less than 7 hours from Minneapolis, a little more than 7 hours from Indianapolis, and a little more than 8 hours from Denver.  And you don’t need to buy advance tickets–you can get them at the door.

So why make the trip?  How about meeting George Takei?  Want to know if Vera is Adam Baldwin’s favorite weapon or talk him into sponsoring a Kickstarter campaign to make a Chuck movie?  Never met your childhood heroes?  How about Lou Ferrigno?  Lindsay Wagner?  Lee Meriwether?  Comic book legend Howard Chaykin?  Remember reading the first match-up of Green Arrow, Black Canary and Green Lantern?  Want to meet Neal Adams–the guy that brought them together?  Been following Wil Wheaton on Twitter all year and watching him on Big Bang Theory and want to ask him in person about his guest star gig on Leverage?  A fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?  How about getting a photo with Nicholas Brendon?  Still can’t figure out why Lucas killed off Darth Maul so fast? Come talk about it with Ray Park in person.

Want to buy comics, books, or sketches from some of the best creators from across the country?  Click here to see everyone who you can meet at Artist’s Alley.  Get your comics autographed?  Do you collect busts of superheroes and missing some key items?  Come check out thousands of square feet of dealers selling everything from action figures to T-shirts to limited edition prints and toy lightsabers.  Whatever thing you collect, crazy or not, if it’s related to TV, movies or comics you’ll likely find something there.  And that’s just part of your day.  There will also be panels on all sorts of topics (click here for a full schedule).  And cosplay contests that might get you on a Syfy Channel TV show.

Here is the event poster with the celebrity guests:

Planet Comicon 2013 flyer

But click here for a giant list of the other creators you’ll find at the show.  And here for the full show program.

Planet Comicon full guest list map

And if you do make it, make sure you drop by the Elite Comics at Booth #701 to buy the official Planet Comicon 2013 patch:

PC 2013 Patch

And come say “hi” to your borg.com writers at Booth #545.

C.J. Bunce

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