Peter S. Beagle The Last Unicorn “Litograph” prints–special pricing today only


Litographs is a company with a line of prints featuring the entire text of a book using the words themselves to form a picture.  They sell these as prints/posters and on t-shirts.  Want to own a beautiful picture of Alice falling down the rabbit hole that is also, when you look close, the entire text of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland?  Want to walk down the street actually wearing a favorite book?

Peter S. Beagle, author of the fantasy classic The Last Unicorn (reviewed here at earlier in graphic novel form), A Fine and Private Place (we reviewed the comic book adaptation here, too) and many other great works announced today a limited discount Litograph design for The Last Unicorn.  And until midnight tonight, you can get a $10 discount on your order by entering the code FORTUNA during the checkout process.

The prints come in two sizes, 24″x36″ and 18″x24″.  The larger print contains every word in The Last Unicorn and the smaller one has half the text.  Each size comes in six variations — B&W, Original Colors, Blues, Harvest, Fireplace, and Sage.

Close-up of word print

The large size is normally $39, but until midnight tonight you can buy it for just $29.

The smaller size is normally $29, but until midnight tonight you can buy it for just $19.

To place your discount order direct with Litographs, click here.

To get a print signed or personalized by Peter S. Beagle, for the normal list price + $10, click here and send a message to contact[at]

…And in about a month Litographs will have this design available on t-shirts, as well. (To see some samples of Litograph’s other book-shirts, click here).

Act now for today’s discount pricing!

C.J. Bunce

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