Happy Mothers Day from borg.com!

Mama gets a break from pups

Happy Mothers Day to mothers of all varieties out there, and especially to ours!

We hope you find a way to get a break today*!

borg.com Staff

*Photo above of mama after she walked into her kennel to get a break from nursing pups.


    • Ha! Someone just told me folks in the UK may not keep their dogs in kennels when they leave home or when the dogs sleep. Is that so? She had a kennel in her room when she was nursing the pups and when she wanted to get a break from the pups bothering her non-stop for a milk break she’d go into the kennel… and they weren’t yet wise enough to follow her around in through the door.

  1. Ah, that’s a good explanation. I must admit I’m not accustomed to seeing a dog shut away like that unless it is at the vet. Good thinking.
    I remember when my wife’s Yorkie had pups, after a while I saw mommy dog trying to get away from the pups as one of them hung from her. It was funny seeing it, as the tiny pup swung over on it’s back and rolled away.

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