Review–Vigilantes team up in Liberator #2

Liberator 2 cover

If independent comic book publishing should be about anything, it is the ability to tell stories that aren’t being told anyplace else.  Of course there is no real reason why the big publishers stay away from tough topics, but the fact is they do.  Black Mask Studio’s new series is something different.  If you haven’t yet added Matt Miner’s Liberator to your pull list, with issue #2 arriving at comic book stores this Wednesday you still have time to catch up with this four-part series.

Since Liberator–at least this first limited series–has only four issues to get its story out, it probably should be no surprise that its main vigilante character finds himself partnering with another vigilante saving animals to fulfill his mission in Issue #2.

As with Issue #1, reviewed here at previously, writer Matt Miner kicks convention aside and opts to tell a story that needs to be told, of secrets kept covered up by mainstream manufacturers, but realities nonetheless.  Miner’s decisive story puts his characters in the their own worst nightmare by the end of the mid-point of his tale.

Liberator 2 interior page

I love the return to the coffee shop “Hella Beans” where barista Damon works–we get to see his real-life outside his vigilante world where he is stuck working with an overbearing bully.  It levels the character, placing him in our world.  He’s got the same problems and speed bumps we all encounter, yet he is still doing something progressively minded with his spare time.  His and friend Jeanette’s actions prompt the reader to want to change behaviors: “Don’t just sit there… do something!”

As for the villains, for the most part they have gone unseen but we get glimpses of their actions in Issue #2.  The villains of course are the scientists running the labs–labs operating in every town across the country.

Javier Sanchez Aranda again adds that right level of darkness and shadows here along with colorist Joaquin Pereyra.  Liberator is the ultimate vigilante book.  Hopefully it will continue in some form beyond its initial four-issue run.  Look for some great cosplay photos at the back of this issue.

You can find Liberator Issue #2 at your local comic book store Wednesday, July 31, 2013.

C.J. Bunce

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