Spotlight on Mickey Lam–Aspiring comic book artist’s new sci-fi book “Mr. Yang Fights Aliens”

My Yang interior panel 1

At first look at Mickey Lam’s detailed cityscape panels you’ll wonder why he isn’t drawing a regular monthly series.  His first comic book is the black and white Mr. Yang Fights Aliens, Part 1.  By day Mr. Yang is a schoolteacher.  One evening he is awakened in his Peckham neighborhood and observes a kidnapping–a kidnapping of a homeless man by an insectoid alien race.  Can this schoolteacher, who would rather work on balancing his own life issues, like keeping ahead of work and finding a girlfriend, save the world?

Lam is a self-taught illustrator based in London.  He has a degree in biomedical materials and was a secondary school science teacher before committing to illustration work.  In addition to creating art for clients, he creates his own comic books to experiment with his style and improve his skills.  Lam’s cityscapes in particular will appeal to fans of Moritat–DC Comics’ Jonah Hex series artist.

My Yang

Lam’s Mr. Yang has style–an Asian in London who cares how he looks like James Bond and has similar fighting prowess–when we watched Red 2 last year and saw Byung-hun Lee in action and thought he’d make a great future Bond we were thinking of someone like this guy.  Yang looks cocky and confident sporting his slick coat and a brush of hair hanging down in his face.  Lam’s writing is also humorous, and it was a fun choice having Mr. Yang partnering up with one of his students to take on a group of aliens, like something out of the movie Attack the Block.

I caught up with Lam recently at his home in London and asked him about his process.  “I work traditionally in pencil, then ink with brush and pens.  It is then digitally scanned and ‘cleaned’.  For certain scenes set at night in London, I would grab my camera and take photos of the city,” he said.  “Some nights I would wander around until 2 or 3 am trying to find the right angle as well as study the effect of light and shade on London city architecture.  It was a very fun, hands-on process.”

My Yang interior page A

Get your own copy of Mickey Lam’s Mr. Yang Fights Aliens, Part 1, here, and keep checking back for Mr. Yang Fights Aliens, Part 2, where Lam tells us Mr. Yang will confront the alien master.

C.J. Bunce

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