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If someone gave you the brass ring, let you write and draw your own comic book series, including combining your favorite characters and places, and heck, even an image of yourself and your college roommate, what would you do?  If you were that lucky you might put something together like Savage Wolverine So many components of Issue #1-5 of this year’s new series screamed “win” that it’s no wonder Marvel kept charging ahead with the monthly series after Frank Cho’s initial story arc.

Frank Cho is of course the biggest reason to check out the new hardcover and trade paperback edition now on newsstands.  Cho is simply the best at rendering women and dinosaurs and guns and bringing them all together.  And while we’re all still anxiously awaiting the long-delayed Guns & Dinos series that was supposed to land in 2011 (where the heck is that anyway?), Cho is forgiven as this is the next best thing.

Savage Wolverine Cho art

Next you have his selection of characters.  Why don’t they churn out more mash-ups like this?  Shanna of the Jungle is working as a survey consultant for S.H.I.E.L.D. including a certain agent known to long-time Cho fans, Mike McSwiggin.  Her plane has crashed on a jungle island, and Wolverine Logan mysteriously has found himself with no memory of how he arrived on that same island.  It’s an island full of natives, supernatural gods, and dinosaurs and apes.  And wait… is that Man-Thing?

To top it off, a certain scientist-genius named Amadeus Cho has arrived.  This time around Cho doesn’t appear as a monkey as in his early comedy series.  Will he be able to help Logan and Shanna get off the island?  Maybe with the help of a certain large, green Avenger…

Cho as Cho in Savage Wolverine

Cho’s art is up to his standard brilliance.  His humor from back in his college and Liberty Meadows days seeps through, too, making this Savage Wolverine a rip-roaring and funny read.  For fans of Cho who missed this in its monthly run, consider it a must-have.  For those who haven’t been fans of Wolverine in his past incarnations, look for a great take on the character here that everyone will like. The monthly series took on a new writer and artist with Issue #6.

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C.J. Bunce

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