Early Merry Christmas gift from Chuck Norris (not really)

Chuck Norris splits

Chuck Norris can’t let former film co-star Jean-Claude Van Damme monopolize the spotlight, at least that’s the myth behind the legend, as envisioned by a Hungarian animation group called Delov Digital who today released a CGI spoof of Van Damme’s Volvo ad we discussed here at borg.com last month.

Who cares if it’s not really Chuck.  He’s 73 years young, but if I were Chuck I’d start thinking about doing something like this for real.  It’s pretty funny and a great way for a small animation firm to get itself on the map.  Check it out:

So who’s next?  Stallone straddling two mountain peaks?  Arnold balancing two worlds between his knees?  The truth is this parody accentuates how incredible it is that Van Damme really did the stunt in his ad.

Either way, we give it a big Ho Ho Ho!

C.J. Bunce

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