New Veronica Mars trailer–further evidence fans can accomplish anything

Veronica and Keith Mars

Just how big is the Veronica Mars movie that was funded by fans via Kickstarter last year with more than $5.7 million in contributions?  Kristen Bell posted on her Twitter feed last night the new full-length trailer for the March 14 release, and when I clicked on it I was viewer number 301.  It now has more than 675,000 views, in just a day.  That’s just those active followers of Bell & company.  It’s the first big genre news of the year and is further proof Hollywood should have stepped up and made this happen so fans didn’t need to.  The ultimate proof will be seen in March, when we get to see actual box office numbers.

Veronica Mars movie logo

Unlike the first trailer, this new preview is smartly edited, showing watchers enough of the story to remind us why we liked Veronica, her dad (Enrico Colantoni), and her friends from day one.  There’s plenty of Dick (Ryan Hansen) and Leo (Max Greenfield)–in fact they get some of the best moments in the trailer.  Even Jamie Lee Curtis and real-life Kristen Bell hubby Dax Shepard have cameos.  And a Neptune High School class reunion is a great excuse to bring back the rest of the regulars, including Percy Daggs III, Krysten Ritter, Tina Majorino, and Francis Capra.

Veronica Mars and Leo

The fact that Greenfield, co-star of New Girl, came back for this movie to play Leo is welcome news, as he was one of the few characters whose story arc reflected the side of Veronica we didn’t like as she caused him to lose his job at the sheriff’s office way back when.  Maybe this will be a chance for her to make up for that?

Check out the full-length movie trailer for Veronica Mars:

Will Veronica cheat on Piz (Chris Lowell) now that Logan (Jason Dohring) is back in the picture?  What else will creator/director Rob Thomas have up his sleeves for us?  Can fans generate enough box office returns for a sequel?

We’ll find out March 14, 2014, when Veronica Mars hits theaters across the globe.

C.J. Bunce

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