Previews of four new series from Dark Horse coming in February

Terminator EOME cover 1

Dark Horse Comics has been keeping busy this year, forging ahead in some interesting new properties.  We’ve got several pages of five new series for you to preview, from new arrivals coming to stores in February, courtesy of the Oregon-based publisher.  These include some big, classic franchises: Conan, Terminator, and Tomb Raider, with a new story, too: The White Suits.

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First up is a preview of Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy Issue #1, written by Dan Jolley (Bloodhound) with art by Jamal Igle (Supergirl), a story that takes place a year after the first film in the series:

TerminatorEOME1 Feb 19

Next is a preview of Issue #1 of The White Suits, a noir action story seemingly inspired by Quentin Tarentino’s Reservoir Dogs, from writer Frank Barbiere (Blackout) and artist Toby Cypress (Blue Estate, Predator):

WhiteSuits1 Feb 19

Gail Simone fans will be happy to see her taking on Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, in this preview from Issue #1.  Artists on this title are penciller Nicolás Daniel Selma and inker Juan Gedeon.  Here’s the preview:

TombRaider1 Feb 26

Next, Conan the Barbarian is back in King Conan: The Conqueror, written by Timothy Truman with art by Tomás Giorello.  Here’s the preview to Issue #1:

KingConanConq1 Feb 26

The White Suits and Terminator: Enemy of My Enemy hit comic book stores February 19, 2014.  Tomb Raider and King Conan–The Conqueror, arrive on February 26, 2014.

Tomorrow, we’ll preview another new series coming from Dark Horse Comics in February, with a pretty unique backstory.

C.J. Bunce

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