First look–On the heels of Sochi, new Russian war epic “Stalingrad” set for U.S. release

Stalingrad US poster

Someone’s marketing was a bit off.  Russian director Fedor Bondarchuk’s Stalingrad, a visual effects-packed World War II film that set records in late 2013 in Russia, would have been better timed for a U.S. release during the Olympic Games.  What better time to check out what Russia’s biggest box office winner is–what our friends in Russia are excited about outside of the big Olympic show?  Instead it will premier in the States a little later, on February 28, 2014.

Stalingrad was Russia’s submission for Best Foreign film for the 86th Academy Awards, but was not selected.  Critical acclaim has singled the war movie for its quality visual effects, and they do really come through in the newly released trailer. Stalingrad also is notable as being the first Russian film produced with IMAX 3D technology, and the first non-American film using the IMAX format.  The film’s website includes a pretty rousing soundtrack and some other features (in Russian).

Check out this preview for Stalingrad:

Definitely some great panoramic battle recreations as well as nice shots of fighter planes, bombers, and tanks.

Stalingrad is targeted for a U.S. release February 28, 2014 (February 21 in the U.K.).

C.J. Bunce

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