Season Six of The Six Million Dollar Man begins

Six Million Dollar Man Season Six cover 1

The new Dynamite Comics series that is intended to take over where season five of The Six Million Dollar Man TV series left off hits comic book stores next Wednesday.  We’ve previewed the book and are eager to see how the story develops over the coming year.  Written by James Kuhoric with art by Juan Antonio Ramirez, The Six Million Dollar Man Season Six wastes no time before featuring Maskatron–a great retro idea–in its first story arc with Issue #1.

The best feature of Issue #1 is undeniably the cover by Alex Ross, which is just beautiful.  Ramirez’s interior pages feature well done composition and backgrounds, outer space imagery and technology.  His character faces, however, could be improved with more detail so readers can follow who’s who.  Since this is supposed to be a continuation of the series featuring Lee Majors, it’d be great to see Lee Majors come through in the visuals.  It’s only Issue #1 so we’ll wait to see what future issues have in store for us.

Ramirez interior art Six Million Dollar Man Season Six issue 1

One oddity about the new series is the fact that this series is not related to the great throwback reboot series The Bionic Man, written by Kevin Smith with Phil Hester and then Aaron Gillespie’s exciting and fun run on the book throughout last year.  Other than the catchy Season Six label, I’m still not sure why The Bionic Man story isn’t still moving forward, too.  Kuhoric’s story in Issue #1 is a jumping on point, an introduction of characters and the new story arc, so we don’t have a lot to go on quite yet.  We don’t really get a sense of where Season Five left off, so those who haven’t re-watched the DVD or have poor memories will need to steer back to the boxed set for a refresher.

Maskatron figure from the 1970s

Gillespie’s story arc included Andre the Giant’s Bigfoot from the original series, the kind of fun and classic feature that Season Six is to have more of, according to early buzz for the series.  Maskatron–a removable faced large-sized action figure that wasn’t a character in the TV series–is a great start for a story focus for this new series.  What else will Kuhoric come up with for future issues?  We’re anxious to find out.

Grab The Six Million Dollar Man Season Six, Issue #1, at comic book stores everywhere March 12, 2014.

C.J. Bunce

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