Planet Comicon 2014 — Day Two


Lots of great cosplay was the highlight of the second day of Planet Comicon 2014.  Tons of photos with several new friends.  Here’s a variety of the best of what we saw today.

C.J. Bunce’s Radagast with Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth C. Bunce’s Valkyrie.
Radagast and Barbossa also from Pirates of the Caribbean.
Radagast and Valkyrie with Sylvester McCoy
The staff club–with Indiana Jones.
Darryl from Run DMC signing his new comic book at the Elite Comics booth.
Radagast with Emma Frost.
Reading at Planet Comicon
Reading comics at Planet Comicon.
Kaylee dress
Jewel Staite, who attended the Elite Comics afterparty Saturday night, signed this cosplayer’s recreation of her famous Firefly dress.

Gimli and Cobra Commander
C.J. Bunce’s Gimli with GI Joe’s Cobra Commander.
Black Cat at PC 2014
Black Cat and Radagast
Deathstroke at PC 2014
Joker at PC 2014

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