The Bionic Man in original cover art

Bionic Man 17 original cover art Mike Mayhew Bionic Man 17 final cover

This year I had my first comic convention experience where I didn’t get in early to be the first in line to commission sketches from some of the great artists attending the show.  That was Planet Comicon, and it was simply because I was helping set up booths, working my way through four cosplay outfits, meeting celebrities, spending hours in costume with attendees in photo ops, catching up with old friends, helping artist friends sell art, manning a booth…  keeping busy and having a great time doing it.

So I missed out on my regular art fix.

Bionic Man 22 original Mike Mayhew cover art Bionic Man 22 final cover

So I decided to fill the void by picking up some original cover art from one of my favorite artists in the business right now.  That’s Mike Mayhew, who created some great covers for the Bionic Man series last year, and is currently wrapping up one of the best Star Wars works ever produced, The Star Wars, where he served as artist interpreting George Lucas’s original vision of Star Wars before it became Star Wars.

Bionic Man 19 original cover art Mike Mayhew Bionic Man 19 final cover

So check out cover art for Issues #17, 19, and 22, and the previously acquired #16 originally posted here.

Bionic Man 16 original cover art Mike Mayhew Bionic Man 16 final art

I hope you enjoy the great work that went into these pieces, cover roughs and inked final, on their way to become the final covers that were reprinted thousands of times and shipped to comic book stores near you.  Thanks to Mike for parting with these.

C.J. Bunce

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