Thanks for making hit the 1 million mark!

1000000 hits

Just a quick thanks to YOU, regular and new readers, for coming back and making the odometer tip over the 1 million benchmark today!

Every day since June 10, 2011, this site has been about what I want to read and watch and talk about, and I’ve hoped others would jump on board as I went along.  Thanks for coming on over.

Raquel Welch One Million Years BC

Special thanks to Elizabeth, Art, Jason, J.A.B., the Elite Comics flight crew, my 4-legged support staff, and my other pals for your friendship and prompting new ideas throughout the year.

And how about a shout-out to Joss Whedon.  He and the production crew of the new online release In Your Eyes secretly mailed out gifts (some substantial) worldwide to the first people who paid $5 to download his new film.  Press coverage of Whedon this weekend pointed hundreds of viewers to my 2012 San Diego Comic-Con article about Whedon (one of my favorite posts to write).  And that’s what pushed us over the 1 million mark today.  Very cool.

Onward and upward!

C.J. Bunce

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