The new big trailer–“Guardians” keeps looking better and better

Rocket Raccoon Trailer 2

Well, it’s official.  I am more anxious to see Guardians of the Galaxy than any other coming Marvel film (sorry, X-Men Days of Whatever and Avengers 2), DC Comics film (Superman and Justice League who?), the final Hobbit (blasphemy!), or Star Wars VII (yep, that seals it).  As we promised Saturday, Marvel Entertainment rolled out a second big trailer Monday for this new superhero film.

Guardians trailer 2

It’s pure genius.  To make a big budget film about third tier characters that looks like it could take on Iron Man and trounce everything else.  And to market it like it’s Star Wars VII.  I want to shake the hand of whoever came up with the songs, too.  Bravo!  I’d bank on a sequel just from the trailers.  As the old gamblers say, “winner, winner, chicken dinner.”

Just watch!

Just check out that raccoon.  Forget those Oscar nominations, this will be Bradley Cooper’s best work, no doubt.

Ugh, but we still have to wait until August 1, 2014, for its release.

C.J. Bunce

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