Retro preview–Wave 2 of The Six Million Dollar Man action figure line

Oscar Goldman figure    Oscar Goldman sculpt

Zica Toys is releasing a new wave of action figures in its seven-points of articulation 3 3/4 inch line, which previously consisted of Steve Austin in his red tracksuit, a blue tracksuit variant, and Bigfoot.  The line includes five new characters and we’re previewing here both the card backs and the sculpts.

We think they look great.  Fans of the recent onslaught of 1970s Kenner-style action figures will love these.  But you better act now if you want them.  Craig Owen, owner of Zica Toys, posted to his Facebook account the following heads-up:

Based on the recent preorder numbers I’ve received it looks like the SMDM wave 2 assortment is at risk of being canceled. Considering how well wave 1 did I’m more than a little shocked at the low numbers for wave 2. For a small company like mine projects typically live or die based on preorder numbers.

So there you have it.  You can pre-order them at this link.

John Saxon X figure    John Saxon X sculpt

They include Oscar Goldman (with his trademark briefcase), Barney Hiller, John Saxon’s evil robot Mr. X, and both actors that played Dr. Rudy Wells.

Barney Hiller figure error card    Barney Hiller sculpt

Look closely and you may see the error card.  We’re guessing they will correct this before releasing the new wave of figures.

Rudy Wells figure A    Rudy Wells sculpt 1

Rudy Wells figure B    Rudy Wells sculpt 2

You can pre-order these today at Entertainment Earth at this link.  They are available as a set only.

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