First look–The Rock stars as Hercules in second Herc film of 2014

Hercules Dwayne Johnson 2014 poster

Not to quote Eddie Murphy or anything, but “Hercules!  Hercules!”

Wait, wasn’t there just another Hercules movie in theaters?  That one was directed by Renny Harlin and barely was in theaters (called The Legend of Hercules).  This time around the umpteenth film version of Hercules stars Dwayne Johnson, who you have to love in pretty much everything he does, whether it’s the remake of Walking Tall to G.I. Joe: Retaliation to Get Smart or even back to the Tsunkatse episode of Star Trek Voyager or a brief presence in The Other Guys or a milk ad.

Beyond just The Rock, Dwayne Johnson is just plain awesome.  And like Lou Ferrigno playing The Incredible Hulk, he’s built for the part.  Could this be a faithful adaptation of the Greek mythology?

Check out this trailer with Dwayne Johnson in Hercules:

Hercules hits theaters July 25, 2014.

C.J. Bunce

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