First look–Bionic Woman Season Four coming soon

BWSF01-Cov-Chen    Bionic Woman legs

The following information is classified: TOP SECRET
Clearance Authorization: Level 6
Jaime Sommers
Critical Injury: Parachute Accident
Anatomical Damage: Both legs, Right arm, Right ear
Operational Procedure: Bionic Replacement

The Bionic Woman is back.  This time, in her third comic book series in the past two years, following Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, and The Six Million Dollar Man, it’s a continuation of the original television series, right where the series last left our bionic heroine.

Dynamite Comics is publishing the new series, written by Brandon Jerwa, with interior art by David T. Cabrera.  The Bionic Woman: Season Four Issue #1 features cover art by Sean Chen and a photo incentive cover featuring Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers.

Here are some preview images from Issue #1:

BWSeason4-01-01 BWSeason4-01-02

BWSeason4-01-04 BWSeason4-01-20

In Issue #1, Jaime is balancing her private life with the life of a government agent working for the O.S.I.  Her first mission takes her to Mexico.  “If you’ve never seen the show, or haven’t read James Kuhoric’s Six Million Dollar Man comic, you’re still totally fine,” says writer Brandon Jerwa. “Longtime fans won’t be left out in the cold, though.  The Bionic Woman: Season Four is a continuation of the classic TV series, so I’m definitely treating it as such in terms of continuity and thematic carry-through.”

Look for The Bionic Woman: Season Four in comic book stores in September 2014.

C.J. Bunce

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  1. Very happy to see the original Jaime back in action, after the disappointing 2007 TV series (though Michelle Ryan was cute) and Dynamite’s earlier versions which i never cared for. Looks like Jaime is kicking butt and taking names this time around (as long as they don’t get too violent – I say that because one of the reasons why the original series is so well remembered is because how it tried hard to avoid violence. There’s a headshot on one of those preview pages that concerns me.)

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