Retro watch–Belgian artist updates classic American film posters

Forbidden Planet by Laurent Durieux    Birds Laurent Durieux

A 42-year-old graphics artist and illustrator from Brussels has taken a new look at some American film classics and transformed them into his own collection of movie posters.  Laurent Durieux’s retro movie poster designs will be a welcome sight to fans of Juan Ortiz’s style of Star Trek retro-style poster art and Art Deco posters.

Many of the artist’s posters were created for Mondo limited film prints and Alamo Drafthouse releases, including King Kong and Die Hard.  He’s covered everything from Alfred Hitchcock films like Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho, and The Birds, to classic Universal Studios monster movies like The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula, and Frankenstein (for an Austin Mondo show).  He also has created a selection of science fiction classics, including Metropolis and The Day the Earth Stood Still.  Steven Spielberg reportedly purchased 25 poster prints of Durieux’s Jaws to give to friends as gifts.

Jaws by Laurent Durieux     Die Hard Laurent Durieux

Check out the artist’s website here.  Google the artist’s name and you’ll find even more prints created by Durieux for various publishers not included in the artist’s online gallery, including a quickly sold-out poster for The Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Phantom of the Opera.  The best bet to learn how to get future poster print releases is by following Durieux’s Facebook page.  His past releases have sold out rapidly, but many can be found in the $150 range on the aftermarket.

C.J. Bunce

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