Direct from Weta–You, too, can own Smaug’s treasure and more

The Hobbit Smaug gold

Fans of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit series and fantasy cosplayers take note:  Weta in New Zealand is offering some cool new costume and prop pieces from last December’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.  Whether you plan to make an appearance as Legolas or Bilbo, you can only get screen-accurate replica representations from the same people at the Weta Workshop that fabricated the props for the films, and many can be found in moviegoer’s price range.

If Legolas is your guy, you can purchase leather vambraces like the ones Orlando Bloom is wearing in The Hobbit series.

Legolas vambrace

If you don’t want to try making yourself a pair, you can get a set of the vambraces from Weta for under $200.

If you’re a fan of Evangeline Lilly’s elf warrior Tauriel, then you might want a pair of Tauriel’s daggers to grace your office wall.

Tauriel daggers from The Hobbit

These prop daggers are available for $149.

The biggest catch of all may be a set of the prop coins that represented the piles of gold guarded by the dragon Smaug himself.

Treasure of Smaug

Nicely punched like coins of our own ancient past, you can get the full set of five types to carry around in your pocket for less than $35.

Some of the other props and costumes from The Hobbit films that were created by Weta and released last year are still available.  If you’re a fan of old keys how about the gaol key from Mirkwood?

Mirkwood Gaol key

Or Thorin Oakenshield’s key to Erebor?

Key to Erebor

Each is available for less than $30.

For the collector of high-end replica props, one of the best pieces from Weta is the Staff of King Thranduil.

Staff of King Thranduil

The Elfking’s staff is available from Weta for $179.

Props and costumewear from Weta often sell out, so don’t pass up your chance to get these while you can!

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