New books highlight the animated worlds of The Simpsons and Adventure Time

Simpsons Family History    Adventure Time The Art of Ooo

Two new deluxe edition books for fans of two of the biggest animated franchises around are now available.  Abrams Books has just released Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo, by Chris McDonnell, and The Simpsons Family History, by Matt Groening.

Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo is a look at the creative process behind the hit Cartoon Network television series.  Full of storyboards and concept art, the Art of Ooo  traces the evolution of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog as they traverse the dense fantasy land of Ooo.

Fantasy and horror director Guillermo de Toro provides the introduction to this lavish, full color, coffee table-style volume.  Fans of the series will appreciate access to the show bible and decisions behind the unusual artwork and character designs.  Why do they look this way (eyes with dots and eyes without dots–it’s all for a reason)?  You’ll find out here.

Art of Ooo excerpt b    Art of Ooo excerpt

Lovers of the animation process will appreciate original notes, sketches and planning materials used throughout the series.  What fans of any series wouldn’t love this kind of look behind the scenes? Great interviews with artists, music composers, and voice actors will make this a read fans won’t want to pass up.

The Simpsons Family History is a celebration of television’s favorite animated family, timed to be released in conjunction with the series’ 25th anniversary.  This one is not a behind the scenes look at the series as with The Art of Ooo, but more of an in-world family album, reliving the evolution of the Simpsons from their ancestors to the many embarrassing situations the family finds itself in throughout the years.

Simpsons Family History 009

Using episodes of the series as titles for sections, Groening reminds readers of key episodes and scenes, shuffling in copies of animation cels from the actual episodes.  The pictures are big and fill each page, showing off the quirky friends and foes of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie.

Both of these books are high quality, over-sized, thick volumes, Adventure Time with 352 pages and 500 color illustrations and The Simpsons with 304 pages and 400 color illustrations.

Pick up Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo here and The Simpsons Family History here, available now at

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