Toe Tag Riot: Over-the-top, in-your-face zombie chomp fest in stores today

Toe Tag Riot variant 1

Real-life villains beware.  You’re soon to become an endangered species if the punk band Toe Tag Riot has any say in the matter.  Toe Tag Riot is not just a typical in-your-face club band, it’s made up of zombies who feast only on the worst society has to offer.  And writer Matt Miner and artist Sean Von Gorman provide the backstory to how the band came to their… umm… unusual… flesh feasting ways in Toe Tag Riot Issue #1, in stores today.

Toe Tag Riot excerpt

Sure to be the talk of the week, you’ll want to let your friends know about this new series.  More than four hundred Kickstarter backers pledged nearly $20,000 to get this series off the ground.

Known for his cutting edge series Liberator, Matt Miner has something to say, a message of inclusiveness, unless it comes to bigots.  Bigots are zombie food in Toe Tag Riot.

Get your copy today of Toe Tag Riot Issue #1 at comic book stores everywhere, and add this series to your Comixology pull list today.

C.J. Bunce

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