Artist spotlight–Matthew Skiff, They Live, Twin Peaks, and 3D glasses

They Live poster and glasses by Matthew Skiff

Sometimes you find an artist that seems to be very in sync with your interests.  If you’re into John Carpenter movies, the Twin Peaks TV series, 3D glasses, and anything that glows in the dark, then you might find yourself stumbling upon the website of artist Matthew Skiff.

Skiff has a great understanding of design, blending clever retro-style elements, eye-popping color combinations, and nifty classic poster techniques to give us an entirely new look at some genre greats.  Take for instance his poster for They Live, shown above, to be viewed with blue-red polarized 3D glasses that were included with the print.  As with Roddy Piper’s hero in the film, you need to wear glasses to see the messages hidden in plain sight.

Matthew Skiff They Live print close-up

The same technique was used for an earlier print for Twin Peaks, featuring Agent Cooper and Bob–with Bob revealing his true self to those with the 3D glasses.

Twin Peaks Matthew Skiff

Or glow-in-the-dark ink that reveals the secret of the crystal ball…

Matthew Skiff glow in the dark A   Matthew Skiff glow in the dark B

Unfortunately, like many limited edition prints these days, including the Mondo retro-style prints often released for limited film events, many of Skiff’s works are out-of-print.  But you can still check out some of his work at his website.

And maybe with enough prompting he’ll re-release some of these prints, and come up with designs for even more film classics. We know many fans who would snap these up.

C.J. Bunce

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