First look–Simon Pegg churns out another action flick

Simon Pegg Kill Me Three Times

This January the latest Star Trek news included Simon Pegg not only joining the cast for the latest in the reboot movies, but now he’s going to co-write the film as well.  He’s written plenty successful TV and film scripts, including those for his Spaced television series, and hit films Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End.  Will it take something more than a pro comedy writer for a solid Star Trek sequel?  We’ll find that out in July 2016.

Meanwhile, Pegg continues to star in big and small films.  Some of these make sense for the actor, like his recurring role in the Mission Impossible franchise.  Others, like his role in A Fantastic Fear of Everything and even his bitter fellow in The World’s End, can make you think he could stand to have a chat with his agent.  And that includes his next action flick, Kill Me Three Times, where he plays a hitman.

Kill Me Three Times movie poster

From the latest theatrical preview, it looks pretty dark, even for a black comedy.  Something like Fargo but without all the star cast members.  After the break, take a look for yourself.

Here’s the trailer for Simon Pegg in Kill Me Three Times:

And yes, that’s a barely noticeable Bryan Brown (Cocktail, F/X) in the trailer as some kind of law enforcement officer.

Kill Me Three Times hits theaters April 10, 2015.

C.J. Bunce

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