Planet Comicon 2015 in photos

Little Green Army Men PC 2015

Plenty of fun was in store for everyone attending Planet Comicon 2015 this weekend.  With the Big 12 Championship basketball tourney between the Iowa State Cyclones and the Kansas Jayhawks, downtown Kansas City was booming Saturday.  At the third annual Planet Comicon at the Kansas City Convention Center at Bartle Hall, actors, writers, artists, cosplayers, vendors, and tens of thousands of fans of everything from comic books to toys and from Doctor Who to Walking Dead continued the convention tradition of sharing their common interests in a positive and exciting environment.

Elizabeth C. Bunce and your humble editor from were back again meeting up with creators and friends from past years (this year as Daniel Craig’s Jake Lonergan from Cowboys and Aliens and Kate Beckinsale’s Anna Valerius from Van Helsing).  Check out the great little green toy army men cosplayers at the show above.

Kent McCord PC 2015

Kent McCord, known best for his role on the classic TV series Adam-12, shared some great stories about working with Martin Milner, Jack Webb, Harry Morgan, and Stephen J. Cannell.  What better than to spend the day chatting with someone who has starred in shows like Dragnet and Unsub?

Pileggi PC 2015

We also had a great time with Mitch Pileggi, co-star of one of the all-time best genre TV series, The X-Files.  He talked about the possible renewal of his role of Director Skinner on a rebooted X-Files series and working with Judith Light on TNT’s reboot of Dallas as Harris Ryland.

Randy Wildeman PC 2015

Our old friend Randy Wildeman was back at Planet Comicon for his second year selling Viking drinking horns, this time with his excellent Ragnar Lothbrok-inspired Viking beard.

Garrett Wang PC 2015

And we talked Trek and Kansas City restaurants with Star Trek Voyager’s Ensign Kim, Garrett Wang.

Bunce Amell Hyatt Planet Comicon 2015

As always, the most fun was to be had at the Planet Comicon after-party at Alamo Drafthouse, the annual bash hosted by our friend William Binderup at Elite Comics, which featured a drink and draw.  Here’s yours truly with Greg Hyatt and The Flash star Robbie Amell (TV’s Firestorm), who were rocking the upstairs crew.

CJ Bunce Elizabeth C Bunce Cowboys Aliens Van Helsing cosplay

More tomorrow!

C.J. Bunce


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