More cosplay from Planet Comicon 2015

Star Wars cosplay

We’ve already shown some photos of a great set of little green army men as well as the best Arrow cosplay from Planet Comicon 2015, but we have a few more images to share.  Not surprisingly, with a new Star Wars film due out by year end, Star Wars cosplay could be seen everywhere this past weekend.  One couple, shown above, expertly recreated the Clone Wars villain Asajj Ventris and Jedi Shaak Ti.

Biker scout PC 2015

It’s hard to beat all the great Imperial armored soldiers that appear at Cons these days.  This speeder bike trooper was no exception.  If you’re not willing to create your own outfit, ANOVOS and other companies now make it possible for anyone to wear screen-accurate Star Wars costumes.

astromech droid PC 2015

Several homemade remote-controlled astromech droids could be found skimming across the convention floor.  Who wouldn’t want one of these at home?  I remember when I first saw an R2 unit at a Con more than a decade ago and it was the highlight of the show.  Now we take these awesome robots for granted.

steampunk Boba Fett

Boba Fetts were everywhere, too, but we really liked this steampunk riveted helmet take on the mysterious bounty hunter.

Boba Fett cosplay

When I encountered the above Mandalorian-armored fellow, I couldn’t resist comparing the efficacy (and yes, coolness) of arm weaponry, whether you’re in a galaxy far, far away, or in an alien invasion in the Old West.  This Boba Fett costume couldn’t have looked better.

StarTrek logo shirt

We caught a look at this shirt at the show.  A clever idea for the fan of both “Country and Western” sci-fi lover.

Agent Carter cosplay

The current retro leading women characters were represented well, like the above Agent Carter.  We still haven’t seen a Miss Fury at a show yet.

Bombshell PC 2015

But our favorite retro at the Con was the Ant Lucia bombshell Black Canary (worn by the Kansas City Renaissance Festival’s own Madame Red) shown above, far right.  And a great microphone prop!

Kenner Stormtrooper

And I continued my annual tradition of re-creating an action figure in cosplay (the last two years was the large-sized Bionic Man action figure seen with Lindsay Wagner in 2013 here and with Lee Majors in 2014 here).  This time I went with one of my favorite action figures from the early 1970s, the “Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb” Adventure Team G.I. Joe.  Complete with life-like hair, facial scar, kung-fu grip, and shovel accessory.  I’m standing with the awesome re-created 4.5 inch Kenner Stormtrooper monument, one of many statues made by Gentle Giant and sold by our friends at Entertainment Earth here.  (They also have a life-sized Darth Vader and Boba Fett. You know you want one).

Adventure Team GI Joe

And speaking of toys, check out this great city of Gotham created in Legos for the show:


Nice job!

C.J. Bunce

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