Jeremy Piven returns to plenty of changes tonight in Season 3 of Mr. Selfridge

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British TV series that travel to U.S. audiences via PBS’s Masterpiece series usually take a year to get across the pond.  And it’s not just an England Proper thing.  The same is true of Canadian series that air in the U.S. an entire year after the original broadcast at home, like Syfy’s Lost Girl.  Before the popularity of Downton Abbey, most PBS viewers didn’t take much note of this.  Now fans of Mr. Selfridge, which returns tonight for Season 3 (“Series 3” in British parlance) have to face the same problem.  That problem is spoilers.

Fans of Mr. Selfridge will be thrown several sidewinders for Season 3, and dodging these new twists and turns before they air each Sunday night will be difficult, especially since entire story plots are scattered across the Web, and Episode 10 will air in England tonight the same time Episode 1 airs in the States.  Can’t wait to find out what happens next?  It’s right there waiting for you to read.  So what’s your best bet?  Pick up Season 3 on DVD or Blu-ray, available at now here, or stream it here, and start your binge watching before you learn too much, too early.

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If you’re interested in why Mr. Selfridge has the most realistic historical costumes of any series on TV, series costumer designer James Keast reveals one of his secrets in an interview done for the show:  Many of the costumes are vintage–actual garments worn more than 100 years ago and found in the department store archives.  Check out that video after the break, as well as some insights and a preview on what is certain to be a tumultuous Season 3:

Here’s a preview for Season 3:

What are some of the character changes that will sure to cause a reaction from American fans?

  • Three of the series female leads are not in Season 3.  This will be a blow to many fans.  Mr. Selfridge is a show based in part on historical events.  One key person in his story had died by the time the events of Season 3 occurred.  Another popular actress sits out the season for maternity leave, and yet another was just written out off the show.  But don’t worry, the other three lead actresses are back along with several new key female characters.
  • Loxley, Lokley, Loxley.  If you hate the smarmy Lord Loxley, you might as well go do something else and come back for Season 4–if the series gets renewed.  Lord Loxley is a key villain throughout Season 3.
  • Another villain returns.  Yet another villain from Selfridge’s past returns this year.  One of those villains we were so glad to see leave.  Drat.

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Despite the changes, there’s plenty to look forward to.  Jeremy Piven is back in the title role that he proved to be so brilliant at playing.  We get to see what all those key staff members we love are up to after the end of World War I in 1919.  And that great music, design, costumes, technology, and the changes at the department store are sure to be interesting.

Set the DVR now, Mr. Selfridge airs tonight at 8 p.m. Central on PBS Masterpiece.

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  1. Mr. Bunce makes a compelling argument for binge watching to catch up with developments in series one and two. Thanks for the tip!

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