New collectible cards–From Agent Coulson’s trading cards to Firefly and Princess Bride playing cards

Captain America Agent Coulson cards

What better item to take to a convention to get Chris Evans’s autograph than a set of Agent Coulson’s Captain America trading cards–vintage and near mint, as Coulson bragged in the movie The Avengers.  Next month you’ll be able to land your own collectible set of the cards designed from the original digital images used in the film.  And that’s not all that is coming your way if you like collectible trading cards or playing cards from your favorite movies and TV shows.

In fact you can pre-order the set now here from Entertainment Earth, including both a near mint set and the bloodied Captain America cards resulting from Coulson’s death scene.  The set comes with its own display folder.  It’s scheduled to ship in April.

Coulson and his cards    Coulson cards

While you’re at it you can pick up a deck of the Tall Card game inspired from the game played on board the Serenity in Firefly.  You can pre-order it from Entertainment Earth here.  That game includes those recognizable round cards you remember from the TV series.  It also is scheduled to ship in April.

Tall Card Firefly screen shot  Firefly Tall Card Game

Fans of The Princess Bride will not want to miss three new decks of playing cards, stylized to match the storybook world from the all-time favorite fantasy film.  You can choose from the As You Wish deck, the Stormin da Castle deck, or the The Brute Squad deck, or all three in a Collector’s Box set, all available now from


Finally, despite no new movie from The Hobbit this year, new collectibles are still being released, including a new collectible card series for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug due out by June.  If you’re lucky you might land one of these insert sketch cards, created by artists Nathen Reinke and Keven Reinke.

Crytozoic Hobbit Desolation of Smaug insert cards

The Hobbit trading cards are not yet available for pre-order.

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