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Kirk Spock intercom

Okay, we’re still pumped from seeing William Shatner this weekend (discussed here).  So let’s take a look at a few items we received from online superstore Entertainment Earth.  Entertainment Earth is featuring several items inspired by movies and TV this month, including two we’re reviewing here today.  First up is a motion-activated door bell sensor made by ThinkGeek, in the design of the wall communicator panels seen throughout the corridors of original starship Enterprise NCC-1701 from the 1960s Star Trek series.

Nicely designed and affordable at under $30, it features three authentic sounds.  Press the white button to hear the boatswain’s intercom whistle (Captain on the bridge!).  Or set the right, left, or both motion sensors to sound off when anyone passes by.  Choose either the red alert (with flashing light) or the swoosh sound of the opening door as you pass into the transporter room.  More than a cheap toy, the sensors actually work for several feet and the sound is clear and loud.  And batteries are included.

Great for your home or office, it will instantly let everyone know your affiliation with the Federation.  Check out the details and order yours here.

Think Geek Star Trek Doorbell
Just compare the look of this ThinkGeek working door sensor to the real thing (above).

When you’re in travel mode to the next star system, checking out a planet’s surface with a landing party, or just going to your nearest Star Trek convention, why not go in style?

Retro Tech Bag from The Coop

Usable as a purse, a camera bag, travel kit, or storage for your prop phasers, this stylish, high-end “Retro Tech Bag” is a sharp accessory.  (We used this as a travel bag and it was conveniently sized for a quick on-the-go trip).  It sports a sleek black faux leather look and original series Star Trek tunic colors for the trim and interior fabrics.

Pick up your own Star Trek Retro Tech style travel case here.  Also available from Entertainment Earth is a similarly designed nylon duffel bag (shown here), a backpack (shown here), a Dopp kit (shown here), and a fanny pack (shown here)–all in the Retro Tech style manufactured by The Coop.

Entertainment Earth logo

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