Bond dressed to kill retro-style in new Day of the Dead poster for SPECTRE

New SPECTRE poster

A lovely dinner party?  Pity I wasn’t invited.

James Bond hasn’t looked any cooler.  Well at least since Sean Connery played him in his white dinner jacket and red carnation.  Or wait, until Roger Moore sported the white dinner jacket.  Well, Bond is back in the nice white digs again as Daniel Craig is featured in the latest poster for the next Bond flick, SPECTRE, which features this classic Bond look as seen in Goldfinger, Octopussy, The Man With the Golden Gun, and Diamonds Are Forever.

And he’s carrying his signature Walther PPK pistol.

That guy in the background is pulled from the signature spectacle opening action scene, which this time round takes place at a Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead festival in Mexico.  Expect Bond to be running after someone along the parade route before you’ve had your first handful of popcorn.

Goldfinger Bond

Check out this SPECTRE vlog of the behind the scenes production of the opening scene:

And the Day of the Dead parade attendees sure seem to look back to the voodoo culture baddies in Live and Let Die, don’t they?  Is that possibly Dave Bautista hiding behind the skeleton mask?

Day of the Dead Bond poster

SPECTRE opens in theaters November 6, 2015.

C.J. Bunce

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