Juan Ortiz turns to Star Trek: The Next Generation for new line of retro posters

Ortiz TNG

After releasing a successful series of prints and tie-in products showcasing a complete redux of the original Star Trek–episode by episode in new retro-style posters–artist Juan Ortiz is back.  This time he has taken on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  The first look at these new posters is in this month’s solicitation for Rittenhouse trading cards, due to hit stores around December.

The glimpses of the new posters we’ve seen look great.  If you haven’t marveled at his work yet, check out his poster art book, previously reviewed here at borg.com.

Rittenhouse is first releasing part one of a two-part series of cards featuring 89 cards in series one and the remaining 88 episodes of ST: TNG in series two.  Bonus sets include an 89-card gold base parallel set featuring the facsimile signature of artist Juan Ortiz (1:24 packs, 1 per box), an 89-card autograph base parallel set with cards signed by artist Juan Ortiz (1:72 packs, 4 per case), a 40-card set featuring artwork from the Star Trek: The Next Generation comic books (1989 DC Comics series; 1:24 packs, 1 per box), a 40-card “Archive Cuts” set featuring cut panels from the Star Trek: The Next Generation comic books (1989 DC Comics series; 1:96 packs, 3 per case), autograph cards from more than 40 different actors (1:8 packs, 3 per box), hand-drawn, color sketch cards from more than 30 different artists (1:288 packs, 1 per case), and more to be announced.

Juan Ortiz Star Trek Next Generation

The Star Trek: The Next Generation Series One Portfolio Prints Collector’s Album is designed to store the entire collection, and will include a bonus promo card.

Autographs expected to be included in this series are Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan), Marina Sirtis (Troi), Jonathan Frakes (Riker), Brent Spiner (Data), Daniel Davis (Professor Moriarty), Kevin Conway (Kahless), Robert Schenkkan (Lt. Cmdr. Dexter Remmick), Bob Gunton (Captain Maxwell), Leonard John Crofoot (Lal), Jaime Hubbard (Salia), J.C. Brandy (Ensign Marta Batanides), Brooke Bundy (Chief Engineer Sarah McDougal), Robert Knepper (Wyatt Miller), Lycia Naff (Ensign Sonya Gomez), Salome Jens (Ancient Humanoid), Tracee Cocco (Lt. Jae), Joanna Miles (Perrin), Rosalyn Landor (Brenna O’Dell), and Charles Dennis (Sunad).

STTNG Juan Ortiz Next Gen poster cards

Artists that may be featured on sketch cards include Irma Ahmed, Kristin Allen, Leon Braojos, Francois Chartier, Adam Cleveland, Roy Cover, David Day, Anthony Douglas, Norman Jim Faustino, Connie Faye, Bien Flores, Javier Gonzalez, Dan Gorman, James Hiralez, Scout Houseman, Gavin Hunt, Laura Inglis, Seth Ismart, John Jackman, Mike James, Jason Kemp, Achilleas Kokkinakis, Rich Kunz, Lee Lightfoot, Tirso Llaneta, Eva Mae, Jeff Mallinson, Warren Martineck, Eric McConnell, Chris Meeks, Rich Molinelli, Nathan Nelson, Tanner Padlo, Gener Pedrina, Sean Pence, Prescilla Petraites, Brent Ragland, Ian Roberts, Scott Rorie, Jason Saldajeno, Richard Salvucci, Tim Shay, Danny Silva, Emily Tester, Brad Utterstrom, Wu Wei, and Helga Wojik.

Look for the series around December 2015, and we hope to see a book and prints available, too.

C.J. Bunce

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