Back to the Future Week wrap-up–Cubs miss World Series destiny

Kauffman Stadium 14 innings Tuesday October 28 2015 World Series Game 1

As predicted by Bob Gale in his script for Back to the Future II, it was the destiny of the Chicago Cubs to be playing–in fact sweeping–this year’s World Series.  At least in the current alternate timeline we’re all living in, that just didn’t happen.  If the Cubs hadn’t lost to the New York Mets they would have played Game 1 tonight at the home field of the American League champs instead of Wrigley Field because the American League won this year’s All Star Game.  That meant Game 1 was played in Kauffman Stadium, and had the Cubs made it to the Series they would have faced off against the Royals last night in Kansas City.

In that game we got to see the second longest game in World Series history–14 innings, ultimately with the Royals taking the win, 5-4.  The bright lights at the stadium in the wee hours of this Wednesday morning seemed to actually burn into the wet night’s sky.  Fourteen innings and more than five hours of exciting gameplay.  You can’t have a better World Series game than that–well, unless you’re a Cubs fan.

Bunce World Series 2015 dugout

We did our part, yours truly and writer Elizabeth C. Bunce were bound and determined to see the Royals face off against the Cubs, because we’re sci-fi (and Royals) fans, and thanks to our friend Mike we watched Game 1 from dugout seats last night.  Watching Lorenzo Cain steal second base when you’re sitting at first base… just can’t be beat. (And, hey, that stolen base means Taco Bell must give away free A.M. Crunchwraps on November 5, 2015, because they sort of lost a marketing bet in their Steal a Base, Steal a Breakfast campaign–see here for details).

But, we must admit, we sure would much rather be watching the Royals take on the Cubs this week.  I’ve always been a fan of the Cubs, growing up near the Iowa Oaks (now Iowa Cubs) stadium, the top farm club of the Cubs to this day.

You may remember these marquis images from Back to the Future II:

Cubs Win World Series

Bob Gale said last week that the Cubs winning the 2015 series was a bit of an in-joke, since he was a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan, like our intrepid writer Jason McClain.  Maybe the Cards will make it to the Series again next year.


Or maybe it will be the Cubs?  So again, sorry to the Cubbies and their fans.  But for the record, we were there.

I was there 10 21 2015

And that wraps our coverage of Back to the Future Week.

Let’s go Royals!

C.J. Bunce



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