Retro fix–Merry Christmas! Visiting the ghost of Christmas presents

A Robin

Merry Christmas!

I was searching through the old photo archive and revisiting the source of my current interests.  Sometimes you don’t have to look too hard.

Take for example the Christmas of 1974 pictured above.  I was three years old, yet already thinking about cars (that’s the Fisher Price garage there).  And already a fan of DC Comics, with my Mego Robin in-hand.

Then there was the Christmas of 1975.  I was not just an aficionado of one borg, but two–Santa brought me the Six Million Dollar Man and from my folks I received the Mike Power action figure.  What’s better than that?

A1 borg toys

I don’t remember being this cocky.  Hey, check out the Lite Brite!

A1 Six Mil

I held that action figure pretty close.  And check out the Shrinky Dinks!   Dad’s glasses are back in style (I’m wearing a pair now).  But not the striped pants.

By 1978 the focus shifted to a new galaxy of toys.  This was actually my birthday, but I was already lucky enough to have the first Darth Vader costume and light saber before Lucasfilm kicked into high gear with some better replicas.  And that’s The Story of Star Wars LP, which I listened to 100 times.


Do I have the Jedi pose or what?  And check out the Spirograph!

By 1980?  The Star Wars cantina!  Score!  Hey, that’s actually Luke shooting first, not Greedo.

A1 Cantina

And still a DC Comics fan–that’s Justice League of America Issue #178 in the front.  And Peanuts and Cooties!

Finally, the Christmas of 1982 meant two sci-fi classics.

A1 Charlie Tron

That’s my Flynn action figure and light cycle from Tron down front.  And an Eliott and E.T. figure, a beach towel, and a sleeping bag from E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial.  And still some classics–Charlie McCarthy and Legos.

Am I still the same guy as I was back then?  You bet!

Best wishes as you build new memories this Christmas with your family.

C.J. Bunce

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