Firefly Cargo Crate–Newest Loot Crate service features Kaylee Frye

Firefly Cargo Crate poster

Loot Crate and QMx has answered Funko’s Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty bi-monthly box service with a new bi-monthly box for Firefly fans, the Firefly Cargo Crate.  Somehow Firefly licensees continue to keep coming up with interesting new ways for fans of the 14-episode series (and tie-in film) to show-off their fandom.  The first Firefly Cargo Crate is sure to appeal to both the average and die-hard fan, focusing on Jewel Staite’s Kaylee Frye, the Serenity’s lovable girly and tech-savvy mechanic.  Since the second crate’s theme will be Adam Baldwin’s Jayne Cobb, it appears at least for now each crate will feature a key cast member.

We were curious what Loot Crate would include for $39.99.  Certainly you’d expect at some point to see one of Jayne’s mom’s cunning hats or one of his T-shirts.  But Firefly fans already have those, right?  Luckily QMx has plenty of items to select from in its arsenal, and delivered the goods on its first crate.  Let’s look through what you get.

Kaylee Bear reveal at 2016 Toy Fair

The two big items are a QMx mini-master figure of Kaylee and a Kaylee plush Teddy Bear, first revealed this year at Toy Fair in New York City.  You don’t remember Kaylee having a bear on the show?  Think of this more like Funko Pops! only with bears.  They look great, are darned cute, and you can envision an entire line of these bears for all sorts of licensed franchises.  The Jayne version (shown above with the Kaylee version at QMx’s Toy Fair display) looks great, too.

Firefly cargo crate box

Next you have the smaller items:  you get a QMx QBits PVC figure of either Jayne or Simon, five QMx Kaylee “Shindig Parasols” to stick in your favorite beverage, two metal pins (one mailed separately with the Serenity and one featuring Kaylee’s quote “Everything’s Shiny Cap’n”), and a set of two extra playing cards for the Firefly board game (we got two sets in our box).  You also get a pair of concept art drawings of the Reaver ship on sturdy card stock.  We expect to see more paper inserts like this, and think this box is a great opportunity for inclusion of replicas from the show like the memorable paper money.

Firefly Cargo Crate contents crate one

As with most box services, you get a mini-magazine.  The Signal magazine is better than most, including a cheery recent interview with Jewel Staite.  With your order you also are eligible to be selected for a few randomly selected high-end prizes: a grand prize of a Serenity model ship, three second place prizes of a Malcolm Reynolds statue, and 21 sets of Mal dog tags.

And, last but not least, you get a cool cardboard Firefly-themed crate, complete with removable “Exported from Persephone” luggage sticker and an additional sticker in the box.  All-in, a good find for Firefly fans.  Here is next month’s promo for the Cargo Crate:

Firefly crate 2 promo

Note that the above Jayne figure is guaranteed included in Crate #2.  Will it also include his yellow shirt?  Sign up to find out.  Crate #2 ships in two months and you can make sure you don’t miss out by ordering here and get our discount.

C.J. Bunce


  1. Hey! trying to sign up using your borg discount but the link didnt work 🙁 do you have an updated one?
    Thanks! the crate looks really cool! sad i missed the kaylee one

    • Bah! It won’t work for me either. I just sent Loot Crate a request for a link that works. So sorry! Will update once I hear back.

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