First look–Miss Fury is back with new series beginning today

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We at could not have been more disappointed when the World War II/superheroine/time travel series Miss Fury was cancelled back in 2014.  We named Miss Fury the Best Comic Book Series of 2013 and our comments were even published in back-page advertising in every Dynamite Comics issue for months.  So we couldn’t be happier when we heard Miss Fury is returning in a new monthly series.  We previewed Issue #1 of Volume 2, arriving at comic book stores everywhere today, and love the intrigue in this latest chapter.  This incarnation of Miss Fury may remind modern audiences of Marvel’s Agent Carter.  By day she is smart and does her job.  By night she wears a dark supersuit and sleuths out secrets, beats the feathers out of anyone who gets in her way, and looks after her country’s interests while all the good men have gone away to fight a war.  With Miss Fury, think Agent Carter, but maybe an Agent Carter in a supersuit who is not above some bloody hand-to-hand combat.

Miss Fury has been around much longer than Agent Carter.  In fact she is probably the first superheroine in comics.  We discussed her previously at here and here.

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Corinna Bechko serves as writer on the new series with artwork by Jonathan Lau and colors by Vinicius Andrade.  Someone has broken into Marla Drake’s offices in New York City.  Unfortunately for the thieves, Miss Drake aka Miss Fury is at those offices during the break-in.  What secrets did they get away with?  How will it affect her firm’s deal with the Brazilians, and how will it all tie back to the war effort?  Look for action, action, and more action in this new series.

As an added bonus for those who missed Dynamite Comics’s earlier reboot, a new second compilation trade paperback of Miss Fury, Volume 1 is hitting the stands:


Check out this preview of Miss Fury, Volume 2, Issue #1, courtesy of Dynamite Comics:

MissFury2016-01 1 MissFury2016-01 2 MissFury2016-01 3 MissFury2016-01 4 MissFury2016-01 5

…and here is a preview of the second trade volume of Miss Fury, Volume 1, where Miss Fury meets an alternate universe, evil Miss Fury:

Pages from MissFuryVol2TradeREV_Page_01 Pages from MissFuryVol2TradeREV_Page_02 Pages from MissFuryVol2TradeREV_Page_03 Pages from MissFuryVol2TradeREV_Page_04 Pages from MissFuryVol2TradeREV_Page_05 Pages from MissFuryVol2TradeREV_Page_06 Pages from MissFuryVol2TradeREV_Page_07 Pages from MissFuryVol2TradeREV_Page_08 Pages from MissFuryVol2TradeREV_Page_09 Pages from MissFuryVol2TradeREV_Page_10 Pages from MissFuryVol2TradeREV_Page_11 Pages from MissFuryVol2TradeREV_Page_12

Here is a sneak peek at some future covers:

TNMissFury201602CovALotay   TNMissFury201603CovALotay

Both Miss Fury, Volume 1, trade edition, and Miss Fury, Volume 2, Issue #1, are being released today at Elite Comics or your local comic book store.

C.J. Bunce

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