The Bionic Woman Season Four now available in trade edition


It didn’t take much to get us on board when we heard The Bionic Woman was finally getting its Season Four.  Following other classic genre properties like The Six Million Dollar Man, The X-Files, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jaime Sommers wasn’t going to make it back to the small screen very soon.  But with Dynamite Comics’ four-issue limited series first published in 2014, at least we had an opportunity to see where a new set of creators would have taken the character after we last saw her in her own series in 1978.

Those four issues are now available this week for the first time together in a trade edition.  You’ll find familiar faces like Steve Austin and Oscar Goldman, as well as plenty of cyborgs and Fembots.  But the star is still Jaime Sommers, and the series, written by Brandon Jerwa with interior artwork by David Cabrera, will take you back in time.

Bionic action figure cosplay
Bionic action figure cosplay with the Bionic Woman herself, Lindsay Wagner.

After the break, check out a giant 12-page preview of the new edition, courtesy of Dynamite Comics:

Pages from BWSea4TP_Page_01

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