The Six Million Dollar Man returns this July

Six Mil B    Six Mil C cover

Dynamite Comics announced this week the return of Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man to a monthly series.  Writer Van Jensen and artist Ron Salas will continue Austin’s exploits through the end of the 1970s in The Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man.

The year is 1979.  Iran has seized American hostages. Columbian drug cartels run rampant. And Le Chic’s “Freak Out” dominates the charts.  Amid this deeply troubled world, Steve Austin — everyone’s favorite Six Million Dollar Man — is America’s best hope in its fight against innumerable enemies.  When Steve discovers disturbing secrets in OSI’s past, he uses his cybernetic upgrades to rebel against the agency… but he’ll face plenty of threats, like an enemy cyborg, and lasers, and ninjas!

Six Mil A

Issue #1 will have at least two variant covers available.

Look for The Six Million Dollar Man: Fall of Man at Elite Comics or your local comic book store beginning this July.

Want to see what’s been happening with Steve Austin over the past few years, including the announcement of a new movie starring Mark Wahlberg?  Check out the Bionic Man link in the “Trending Topics” tags on the right column of anytime.

C.J. Bunce

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