Wednesday Previews–Xena, The Twilight Zone, Masks and more from Dynamite

TZoneShadow02-Cov-A-Francavilla   Masks2TP-COVER-

Tomorrow is Wednesday and that means Comic Book Day.  So we have selected several previews of key titles that you’ll find at your local comic book store.  Xena: Warrior Princess, The Twilight Zone: The Shadow, Masks 2 trade edition, Red Sonja, and Grumpy Cat are among many new books being released tomorrow.

Today’s previews are all courtesy of Dynamite Comics.  Fans of The Shadow and women with swords will get a double dose of fantasy action this week.

Xena2016-02-Cov-A-Frison    RSvol3-05-Cov-A-Sauvage

Check out hi-resolution previews of he next issues of all these titles after the break:

Masks 2 trade edition:

Layout 1

Layout 1

Layout 1

Layout 1

Layout 1

Layout 1

Layout 1

Layout 1

Layout 1

Layout 1

Layout 1

Layout 1Xena: Warrior Princess, Issue #2:


Xena2016-002 1

Xena2016-002 2

Xena2016-002 3

Xena2016-002 4

Xena2016-002 5

The Twilight Zone: The Shadow:

TZShadow02-Int 1

TZShadow02-Int 2

TZShadow02-Int 3

TZShadow02-Int 4

TZShadow02-Int 5

Grumpy Cat:




GrumpyPokey04-Int 1

GrumpyPokey04-Int 2

GrumpyPokey04-Int 3

GrumpyPokey04-Int 4

GrumpyPokey04-Int 5

Red Sonja:


RSVol3-05 1

RSVol3-05 2

RSVol3-05 3

RSVol3-05 4

RSVol3-05 5

Look for these at your local comic book store tomorrow.

C.J. Bunce

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