Captain Flint

Capt Flint in command

The borg flag is flying at half-mast today in honor of our support staff member Flint, who passed away Saturday at 15 years old (or 107 depending on if you follow that dog years thing).

Flint was an avid cosplayerhound who was always happy to pose for our photo needs here at  He was also our pack’s alpha and a great leader and friend to his siblings.

Super Flint and Grandma

And Flint made for a perfect Krypto.

You may remember we celebrated his 15th birthday this past May here at  Not bad for a breed with a 12-year life expectancy (coonhounds, not cosplayerhounds).

Day 2 Flint D cleaned

Flint was a regular for nearly a decade at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

Flint ren fest

He’ll be missed by his sisters Jade and Jasmine and all his family and friends.

Back to normal programming tomorrow.  Thanks for reading.

C.J. Bunce

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