First look–My Pet Dinosaur evokes 1980s coming of age sci-fi flicks


The first trailer released for the new Australian production My Pet Dinosaur at first has the look of a low-budget knockoff of E.T., the Extra Terrestrial.  Since E.T. many films have tried to capture what Steven Spielberg and John Williams brought to the screen.  Most have failed and resulted in decades of direct-to-VHS features.  But we also have had successes like Super 8.

My Pet Dinosaur comes from writer/director and visual effects supervisor Matt Drummond, who also worked on Dinosaur Island.  It stars newcomers Jordan Dulieu, Anabelle Wolfe, Harrison Saunders, Chris Gabardi, Scott Irwin, Rowley Holmes, Beth Champion, with Joanne Samuel (Mad Max), David Roberts (The Matrix), and Tiriel Mora (The Castle).


In one sense My Pet Dinosaur may seem doomed from the start.  In light of the success of all things retro, and in particular the Netflix series Stranger Things, My Pet Dinosaur may still have a chance.  Yet, maybe the preview doesn’t do the film justice, and perhaps the special effects work wasn’t in final form.  The dinosaur looks pretty good in some of the scenes.

Check out this trailer for My Pet Dinosaur:

The music is by Chris Wright.  Academy Award-winning sound mixer Peter Purcell (Mad Max: Fury Road) is the sound mixer.

My Pet Dinosaur has an April 2017 release date in Australia, with no other dates yet locked in.

C.J. Bunce

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