No self-respecting kid in Twin Peaks would be caught dead without one


Along with Funko’s announcement earlier at London Toy Fair 2017 of a line of Kenner style ReAction figures and its famous Pops! bobbleheads, even more Twin Peaks tie-ins are on their way.  To help promote Showtime’s launch of the Twin Peaks sequel and reboot this year after a 25-year absence for this weekend’s New York Toy Fair, online superstore Entertainment Earth and toymaker Bif Bang Pow! have announced new Twin Peaks items every fan will be after.

Two lunch boxes will be available, inspired by classic tin versions popular in the 1950s through the 1970s.  You can get the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” style or a version featuring the famous Double ‘R’ Cafe (home of damned good coffee and cherry pie).  The “Welcome to Twin Peaks” lunch box features the wooden sign from the show introduction and images from the series.  The Double ‘R’ Cafe lunch box features the diner on the front and back, plus images of a cup of coffee, a slice of pie, and the TP emblem against a checkered tablecloth background under the handle.

A smaller tin tote will be available featuring the Black Lodge logo.  It holds a matching deck of playing cards.


Another unique item is a 192-page hardcover writing journal based on Agent Dale Cooper’s trademark microcassette recorder–the one he used to record messages to Diane back at his office.

double-r-diner    black-lodge-cards

Pre-order the “Welcome to Twin Peaks” lunch box here at Entertainment Earth or at Amazon here, the Double ‘R’ Cafe lunch box here at Entertainment Earth or at Amazon here, the Black Lodge tin tote at Entertainment Earth here, and the Agent Cooper journal at Entertainment Earth here.

The Twin Peaks eagerly awaited third season airs Sunday evenings (like the original series) at 8 p.m. Central, beginning May 21, 2017, on Showtime.

C.J. Bunce

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