Tellos Returns–Unprecedented fantasy volume to feature more than 200 artists

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A secret project nearly three years in the making was shared this month with the announcement of a tribute to the artist who created the fantasy comic book series Tellos.  Artist Mike Wieringo, a friend of many, died from a heart attack in 2007 and the industry banded together as the “Secret Friends of Ringo” led by Tellos writer Todd Dezago to create a heretofore undisclosed tribute project and give something to one of Wieringo’s favorite causes in the process.  The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute is a giant 500 page, original graphic novel to be released in two over-sized, hardcover volumes.   It features the artwork of more than 200 of the comics industry’s most popular and talented artists, dedicated to the memory of Wieringo, with all proceeds from this project being donated to the ASPCA.

The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute continues the adventures of characters in the original Tellos series created by Wieringo and Dezago and published by Image Comics (and briefly by Gorilla Comics): Jarek—a young hero with “magikal” abilities, Koj—a tiger-warrior who is Jarek’s partner and protector, Serra—the swashbuckling pirate queen, and Rikk—the fox-thief bent on finding his fortune.  The original comic book series of ten issues ran from 1999 to 2000.  Three one-shot issues followed:  Maiden Voyage, The Last Heist, and Sons and Moons, followed by a three-issue mini-series, Tales of Tellos, in 2004.  Not long before he passed away, Wieringo had talked about working on a new Tellos.

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You can only order the books at this link.  Because of they way the group is providing the proceeds to the ASPCA, these books will not be available through any other source.


The new story of Tellos reunites Jarek, Koj, Serra, and Rikk to stop Sur-Azal, the ruthless leader of the denizens of Nether, creatures that dwell far beneath the lands of Tellos.  As Sur-Azal and his minions move to make Tellos habitable once more for his primordial brethren, other dark creatures called The Baden sweep across the many kingdoms, terrorizing and possessing the bodies of the population.


Some of the “Secret Friends Of Ringo” who helped create these volumes include Mike Norton, Stan Sakai, Paul Smith, Lauren Monardo Gramprey, Andrew Cieslinski, Chris Kemple, Andy Smith, Kelly Yates, Jamar Nicholas, Neil Vokes, Clara Meath, Christian D. Leaf, Jamie Jones, Casey Jones, Lora Innes, Tom Bancroft, Terry Austin, Tak Toyoshima, Sandy Jarrell, Marcelo Di Chiara, Ryan Browne, Andy Genen, Andrew Pepoy, Bobby Timony, Tracy Yardley, Franco, Alex Ogle, Marc Hodge, Paolo Rivera, Sean Tiffany, Jim Calafiore, Richard Case, Denny Fincke, Kevin Kobasic, Keith Conroy, Rebekie Bennington, Jon Roscetti, Dave Tata, Andie Tong, Mike Maihack, Thom Zahler, Mark McKenna, Mark Wheatley, Matt Roscetti, J. Bone, Nate Lovett, Jack Lawrence, Leonel Castellani, Robb Mommaerts, Eryk Donovan, Dean Beattie, Leanne & Rod Hannah, John Livesay, Joe Staton, Kurt Wood, Todd Nauck, Jon Bogdanove, Karl Kesel, Michael O’Hare, Dee Fish, Terry Dodson, Gus Vazquez, Joe Frontirre, Gordon Purcell, Denis Medri, Andrew Robinson, Charles Paul Wilson III, Jessica Storry, Todd Dezago, Brandon Palas, Hank Jones, Matt Wieringo, Craig Rousseau, Nicky Soh, Ray Anthony Height, Billy Martin, Chris Campana, Rich Woodall, Chris Eliopoulos, and Meg Syverud.

Each book is available for $50.  They will be published in July and September 2017.  Pre-order The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute here now.

C.J. Bunce

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