Thor: Ragnarok stars lead fourth Men in Black movie in two great new trailers

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones created a fun alien invasion series with their Agents J and K in the first three films in the Men in Black series.  But they were eclipsed by an even funnier performance by Josh Brolin as a young Agent K in Men in Black III.  Also in that movie Emma Thompson joined the agency as Agent O, taking over the role Rip Torn played as the character Zed in the earlier films.  Although we rarely hear about the other 00 agents in the James Bond movies, the Men in Black are branching out, with new agents for the fourth movie in the franchise coming your way next year, Men in Black International.

Thor: Ragnarok star Chris Hemsworth arrives as Agent H–“one of the best ever” to wear the suit, joined by Tessa Thompson as new recruit Agent M.  They both join Emma Thompson who is back again as Agent O.  And if that wasn’t perfect casting enough, Liam Neeson joins the series as the London-based leader of the UK branch of MIB.

And of course, there are aliens, because that’s what the MIB is all about.  Sony released two great first trailers this week for Men in Black International.  Which do you like best?  One features Agent M already as an agent, the other U.S. version shows her joining the agency.  Take a look:

Thor: Ragnarok was one of last year’s best movies, with Marvel finally realizing Thor was best when relying on Hemsworth’s charm and humor.  And Thompson’s Valkyrie was simply the toughest, cockiest, most badass female character Marvel has yet introduced into the MCU.

Both actors return to theaters together April 26 in Avengers: Endgame.

Look for Men in Black International in theaters next summer, opening June 14.

C.J. Bunce

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