The War of the Realms–Next Marvel event series begins today with… more variant covers

Hot on the heels of DC Comics’ big Detective Comics #1000 event last Wednesday, Marvel Comics is stepping in today with its next onslaught of variant covers.  It’s for The War of the Realms, a storyline written by Jason Aaron with art by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson, a Thor-centric event, bringing in the entire pantheon of superheroes from Marvel, the ten realms, assassination plots, and the fate of Earth hanging in the balance.  As Marvel boasts, “no corner of the Marvel Universe will be untouched.”  It even comes with its own theme song.

This is also your typical Marvel Comics multi-series crossover, with tie-in stories twined through several monthlies, like Journey Into Mystery, New Agents of Atlas, Giant-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Punisher, Uncanny X-Men, and Venom, plus Asgardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Thor, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Champions, Fantastic Four, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Captain Marvel, Deadpool, Superior Spider-Man, Tony Stark, Iron Man, Spider-Man and the League of the Realms, plus War Scrolls and War of the Realms Strikeforce.  That’s a big, twisty storyline ahead for Marvel readers.

The War of the Realms variant covers are on their way with regularly available covers by Arthur Adams, J. Scott Campbell, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Frank Cho, John Tyler Christopher, Oliver Coipel, Amanda Conner, Russell Dauterman (wraparound), Adi Granov, Ron Lim, Nexon, Ryan Ottley, Pyeong Jun Park, George Perez, and Rodney Ramos (international connecting variant with next five issues).  A 1 in 10 variant by Russell Dauterman and Greg Horn, a 1 in 25 variant by Victor Hugo, 1 in 50 variants by Sana Takeda and Joe Quesada, a 1 in 100 virgin variant by Quesada, a 1 in 200 variant by Walt Simonson, and a 1 in 500 black and white Simonson cover.  Plus a blank sketch cover, and retailer incentive covers based on other purchases and store exclusives by Arthur Adams, Amanda Conner, Clayton Crain (trade, virgin) (Frankie’s), Gabriele Dell’Otto, Mike McKone (The Comics Mint) and Skan Srisuwan (Midtown).

That’s 31 in all.

Check them out:

Arthur Adams and Matthew Wilson

Arthur Adams and Matthew Wilson (wraparound view)

J. Scott Campbell

Giuseppe Camuncoli

Frank Cho

John Tyler Christopher

Oliver Coipel

Amanda Conner

Russell Dauterman

Russell Dauterman (wraparound art view)

Gabriele Dell’Otto

Adi Granov

Ron Lim


Ryan Ottley

Pyeong Jun Park

George Perez

Rodney Ramos

Russell Dauterman (exclusive B&W)

Greg Horn

Greg Horn (virgin art view–not a variant)

Victor Hugo

Sana Takeda

Joe Quesada (trade)

Joe Quesada (virgin art variant)

Walt Simonson (wraparound view)

Walt Simonson (trade)

Walt Simonson (B&W)

Blank cover

Arthur Adams and Matthew Wilson

Amanda Conner

Clayton Crain (trade) (Frankie’s)

Clayton Crain (virgin) (Frankie’s)

Skan Srisuwan (Midtown)

Mike McKone (The Comics Mint)

War of the Realms Issue #1 arrives at Elite Comics and your local comic book store today.

C.J. Bunce

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