The Orville–Dark Horse comics fill in the blanks between seasons with two new episodic stories

Review by C.J. Bunce

First previewed here at borg back in March, the first comic book story from the universe of television’s The Orville reads in every way like a script that didn’t get produced–an episode that fits nicely into the timeline of the show but didn’t get filmed.  Dark Horse Comics is publishing four issues this summer, two two-part stories written by executive producer David A. Goodman with artwork by David Cabeza and colors by Michael Atiyeh.  Fans of the show who haven’t already picked them up will want to find the two issues already in comic shops and add the next two to their lists.  The feel of the characters is spot-on, every side glance among Ed, Kelly, and Gordon looks like actors Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, and Scott Grimes–unusual when sci-fi adaptations these days often don’t feature the drawn characters looking like the actors behind them.

Both stories for Dark Horse’s first foray into The Orville take place between the first two seasons.  The first two-issue story, “New Beginnings,” presents some things not necessary for the TV show, but still interesting to see play out, including the rapid growth of Bortus and Klyden’s child Topa, and how that relates to Kelly encountering her new love interest, Cassius, after walking away from Ed at the end of Season One.  As fans know, Cassius took on a bigger role in the second season of the show.


Meanwhile Ed and Gordon take off in a shuttle to attend a conference.  Gordon is bored with mundane ship tasks, specifically investigating a Magnitar.  And Ed can’t get Kelly out of his thoughts.  As they learn, sometimes it’s better to be bored.  They end up crash landing on a primitive planet, providing readers the adventure and exploration the show really excels at.  All the while writer Goodman carefully picks up that banter between Ed and Gordon that provides the backbone of the humor for the show.  All told, “New Beginnings” is a great start that will hopefully mean many more years of tie-in comics.

Take a look at a preview of the story, plus a sneak peek at the cover art to Issues #3 and #4, courtesy of Dark Horse Comics:

The second two-part story, “The Word of Avis,” is slated for release beginning with Issue #3 in September.  When a Union transport is detected heading for Krill territory, The Orville intercedes, picking up a new group of scientists.  We’ve seen hidden spy stories inside The Orville before, but this encounter brings The Orville to another face-off with our favorite series nemesis.  Look for J. Lee′s character John to be featured..

These are the kinds of stories that would be fun for fans to see as extras on the Season 2 home release digital, DVD, Blu-ray, etc. editions.

Good fun and faithful to the series, The Orville comics provide some good content while you’re waiting for Season Three, which we understand is in the works for a future release on Hulu.  Contact Elite Comics or your local comic shop to order Dark Horse Comics The Orville series now.  In case you missed it, you won’t want to miss The World of The Orville, a look inside the series we reviewed here at borg last year.

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