First look–Trivial Pursuit ups its game, turns to horror for next deluxe edition

We’ve seen some good variants on classic board games introduced over the years by Hasbro and USAopoly, especially in their Trivial Pursuit line.  We’ve still enjoying last year’s Stranger Things Back to the 80s Trivial Pursuit, full of great trivia and a unique board that fits the theme of the Netflix television series.  For the toymakers’ next tie-in, they are going dark.  Ready for your Halloween party-at-home, the Horror Ultimate Edition Trivial Pursuit Game expands on an earlier 600-question card deck add-on (the Trivial Pursuit: Horror Movies Edition) with a creepy playing board, even creepier playing pieces, and 1,800 gore-filled and disturbing trivia question cards.  And lots of blood spatter everywhere.

Questions from across all horror sub-genres will test players’ mastery (translated: disturbed nature, etc.) of the macabre.  The six pie wedge-ready categories are Gore & Disturbing, Psychological, Killer, Monster, Paranormal, and Comedy.  And it’s not just about movies this time–questions cover horror reading and TV shows.

The odd playing pieces (which still are only to house the pie wedges and move players around the board) depict a monster hand, doll head, straitjacket, goat head, cleaver in a brain, and a table saw.  Yikes!

The board game design is definitely inspired… by one of those rarely rented slasher flicks on VHS tape stored on the bottom shelf at the back of an old Blockbuster that were only checked out by that one guy who rented them every weekend for three years then was never heard from again.

Not for newbs to the genre, the questions are on par with the tough questions of the original game.  This variation on the theme is recommended for two or more players, with the added warning of ages 17+ (not for the kiddies).

Despite USPS’s delays, Amazon’s shipping has been much quicker lately.  So, for your diehard horror buff, order Horror Ultimate Edition Trivial Pursuit Game now, shipping now here from Amazon.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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