Patrick Stewart’s Star Trek Picard series coming to Blu-ray in October


He’s been keeping us at ease with sonnets through the past 180s days of sheltering at home, and now his latest series is coming to Blu-ray and DVD.  Patrick Stewart’s Star Trek: Picard series was a way for fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation to peek in on the latest exploits of the crew of the Enterprise-D and -E years down the road, or erm… down the spaceway.  The first season of Star Trek: Picard is coming your way in a Blu-ray, DVD, or optional steelbook packaging edition in October, and you can pre-order it now here at Amazon.  Unfortunately it doesn’t include a digital copy.

We reviewed the series here, and thought it full of fun fan service and tropes plucked surprisingly more from outside the franchise.  Series star Patrick Stewart has said he decided to bring his character back to the screen because of the role he performed for even more years than Picard–Charles Xavier in the X-Men series–specifically because of the strong finish he was able to give the character in James Mangold’s Oscar-nominated finale Logan, possibly Stewart’s strongest performance in his film and TV career opposite Old Man Logan as Old Man Charles.  Stewart succeeded, as Star Trek: Picard, already expecting at least another season, showcases the beloved character as Old Man Picard and wraps far better fans’ last meeting with not only Picard, but Data, Riker, and Troi, too.  And surprisingly it does that for Star Trek Voyager, specifically for Jeri Ryan′s Seven of Nine, who also had a rather anticlimactic finale in the last episode of that series.  Her new take is very different from before, but still lots of fun.

Back in July marketing for the forthcoming home release mentioned the possibility of a behind-the-scenes feature to accompany each of the ten first season episodes: Remembrance, Maps and Legends, The End is Beginning, Absolute Candor, Stardust City Rag, The Impossible Box, Nepenthe, Broken Pieces, Et In Arcadia Ego, Part 1, and Et In Arcadia Ego, Part 2.  These appear to be the Story Logs listed on the packaging.

Other specified features include Star Trek: Short Treks: Children of Mars, Deleted Scenes, featurettes Aliens Alive: The xBs, Picard Props, and Set Me Up, and that very Trekkie feature: a Gag Reel.

Look for Star Trek: Picard coming your way in a Blu-ray, DVD, or optional steelbook packaging edition in October.  Pre-order it now here at Amazon.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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