Not for kids, The Kid Detective arrives in theaters

Adam Brody has been a high point of two recent fun genre flicks.  In Shazam! he was the grown-up superhero version of sidekick Freddie.  And in Ready or Not he was the brother-in-law that gave Samara Weaving’s bride a chance at survival in a crazy mansion of killers.  In his next movie, the former Gilmore Girls and The O.C. actor plays Abe Applebaum, once a kid detective in the style of Encyclopedia Brown, he’s now a 32-year-old has been, not cutting it as an adult detective.  But despite the title, The Kid Detective, arriving in theaters this weekend, is not a kids’ movie.  Some theaters on the East Coast are offering $50 full-theater rentals and AMC has a $99 deal, or you can always wait for the home release likely coming soon.

Written and directed by first-time director Evan Morgan, the film looks like great fun, but just note the R rating.  Wendy Crewson (The Santa Clause, The 6th Day, Air Force One), Tzi Ma (Wu Assassins, Mulan, Star Trek: The Next Generation), and Jonathan Whittaker (Star Trek: Discovery, The X-Files, The Dresden Files) co-star.

It’s more about a washed-up detective leaning into the darker bits of noir, compared to what the title would normally suggest as something in the realm of Tom Hanks’ Big, so it may or may not have the emotional beats you’re looking for.

Check out the nicely stylized retro poster for the film:

Here’s the trailer for The Kid Detective:

The Kid Detective is now in theaters, but looks to be something to try on home media outlets, where it will likely arrive soon.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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