47 Ronin–Richardson and Sakai’s definitive graphic novel adaptation arrives in paperback for the first time


In the graphic novel 47 Ronin, independent comics pioneer Mike Richardson (Star Wars: Crimson Empire) and Japanese-born American legendary comics artist Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo) re-created the famed 1700-1701 historical event of a group of loyal Japanese ronin (leaderless samurai) who avenged the death of their leader.  The award-winning book from Dark Horse Comics is filled with action and intrigue, a dramatic account of the importance of loyalty, sacrifice, persistence, and honor that influenced the culture of Japan ever since.  Initially released in hardcover, at last the graphic novel is getting its first trade paperback edition.  The more affordable edition is available for pre-order now here at Amazon and we have a look inside for borg readers below.

The quality of this book can’t be overstated–it’s gorgeous.  Sakai’s layouts, environments, and characters can’t be beat–he’s really the Akira Kurosawa of the comic medium.  Opening with the tragic incident that sealed the fate of Lord Asano, 47 Ronin follows the dedicated group of Asano’s vassals on their multi-year path of vengeance for their wronged leader.

Take a look inside 47 Ronin:

Richardson has won a total of six Eisner and Harvey Awards, and Sakai has won a total of seven Eisner and Harvey Awards, and was nominated for 21 Eisners over his long career–so far.  The American Library Association named 47 Ronin to its Great Graphic Novels for Teens list.

For fans of Japanese history, medieval warfare, and great comics, add the trade paperback edition of Richardson and Sakai’s 47 Ronin to your Elite Comics pull list, order it from your own local shop, or pre-order it now here at Amazon.

C.J. Bunce / Editor / borg

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